What's Inside?

Tween Box

Each month we send a minimum of 4 carefully selected products that are fun to receive, along with positive messages printed on cards. We select from lifestyle products, stationery, school supplies, fashion accessories, indoor and outdoor games, toiletries and confectionery aimed at girls 8-12.


Teen Box

The teen box introduces girls age 13-15 to age-appropriate beauty and cosmetics products as well as fun stationery, lifestyle and fashion items. Helping them grow up, but not too fast. We include a minimum of 4 products in each box plus positive and empowering messages suitable for this age range.



Each box is designed to be fun to receive and to give recipients a monthly boost with positive messages to uplift and inspire. 

It's an age when girls can doubt themselves and feel pressure to be perfect. 

This box reminds them they are awesome as they are. 

The teen box helps them navigate the world of beauty and make-up in an age-appropriate way with products designed for this age group, plus lifestyle items too. 

It's not about being beautiful. It's about looking after themselves, accepting themselves, valuing themselves and knowing they are good enough just as they are.